The Weavers Company Benevolent Fund

One priority of the Weavers’ Company Benevolent Fund is to help disadvantaged young people to ensure they are given every possible chance to meet their full potential, and to participate fully in society. They normally define young people as being aged from 5 to 30 years.

Another priority of the Fund is for Offenders and ex-offenders, particularly those under 30 years of age. Many offenders and ex-offenders suffer from a variety of difficult and complex problems, and they are amongst the most vulnerable members of society. The Weavers’ Company will fund work that addresses the social and economic problems faced by this group and their families, and provide them with support, life skills training and a way back into education, training and/or employment, so that they may reintegrate and make a positive contribution to society.

The Fund will also help smaller organizations, which offer direct services. For further information on how to apply, please follow the link below.