The Wolfson Foundation

This scheme aims to support excellence in the UK, generally through the funding of capital infrastructure in the fields of science and technology, arts and humanities, education, and health and disability.

The foundation allocates approximately £30 million per annum. There are no minimum or maximum levels of grant that can be applied for, and the size of the grants varies greatly across different programme areas. Grants will only be made where matched funding has already been raised or pledged.

Applications are accepted from organisations and educational establishments in the UK which are registered charities or which have charitable status, these include: Schools, Universities, Hospices and disability charities, Museums, Historic and religious buildings. Grants are given to act as a catalyst to lever additional funding and to back excellence and talent. Grants are usually only made for capital projects i.e. new buildings, renovation and equipment. Some of the foundation’s grants are made through joint funding programmes with expert bodies.

The types of funding available:

  1. Science and Medicine
  2. Arts and Humanities
  3. Health and Disability
  4. Education

The deadlines for receipt of applications are as follows:

  1. Stage 1 applications should be submitted by 1 July each year.
  2. For Schools, Stage 1 applications should be submitted by 10 June each year.

To find out more about this funding opportunity and how to apply please visit The WolfsonFoundation