Trees that bend in the wind

‘Trees that bend in the wind: Exploring the experiences of front line support workers delivering palliative and end of life care’ is a 47 page report which provides a forum where the views, experiences and values of social care staff in palliative and end of life supports are explored in detail.

The report highlights the contributions of 50 individual staff in care home and care at home services in four areas of Scotland who took part in structured focus groups. The research took place in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Highland and Dumfries and Galloway but the insights are without boundary or geography.

The report was launched on the 8th February at an event which brought together over 100 stakeholders from across Scotland who explored together its insights and recommendations.

Scottish Care’s Chief Executive, Dr Donald Macaskill said the aim of the research was to ensure that everyone in Scotland was able to achieve a truly person centred end of life experience by being supported by staff who were properly resourced and supported. He reflected on the way in which the ‘tree that bends’ (an image from one of the workers to describe their role) was in danger of breaking unless front line care staff are adequately supported.

To read the full report please visit Scottish Care website