Wingate Foundation Music Grants Programme

Music Grants Programme

The Music Grants programme supports those areas of music performance and education which do not readily attract backing from commercial sponsors or other funding bodies, or which are not eligible for public funding. Priority will be given to those organisations which give opportunities to young professionals and to education projects for young people as well as for new adult audiences. Previous projects supported include the National Children’s Orchestra which received a grant of £15,000 per year for three years to give musically talented children under the age of 14 the opportunity of playing together in full, age-banded symphony orchestras; and The Drake Music Project which received a grant of £10,000 to address the imbalance in music provision for disabled people by delivering a range of music technology driven projects.

The next closing date for applications is 5pm on the 11th April 2018.

To find out more and how to apply, please visit Wingate Foundation