Place Standard Toolkit

Why Place is important
Research shows that the places where we spend our time have an important impact on our lives. The way a place looks, functions and feels can influence our health and wellbeing, and the opportunities we have access to. Improving the quality of places can help to tackle inequalities. Understanding the existing and potential strengths of a place can inform good decision making, allowing resources to be targeted to where they are most needed. This approach can deliver better results over the long term. The tool can also support the design and delivery of successful places, creating quality development where people want to live.

Who it is for
The tool is designed to be accessible for everyone to use: communities; public sector; third sector; and the private sector. People will want to use the tool in different circumstance and for different purposes, but it allows people to work together productively across sectors and boundaries in a consistent way.

The tool allows different sizes and types of places to be assessed. This can include whole towns or neighbourhoods in urban or rural locations. The tool can be used to assess existing places as well as places that are still being planned. Whatever the place, the area to be evaluated should be agreed in advance by those involved.