Community Innovation Fund

The Community Innovation Fund is a £2 million fund which NHS Tayside is making available to groups of people living in communities across the area.

What’s the Community Innovation Fund all about?

NHS Tayside has been out and about asking local people what they would like to change about their lives and where they live. The responses showed that people were not mainly concerned with their health but rather with problems on the streets where they live, with their housing, with vandalism, feeling safe and having no clean, safe outdoor spaces where they could go with their families.

However, all of these things can have a negative effect on people’s health and the way they feel and that is why NHS Tayside is making these funds available for communities to enhance their environments, promote community spirit and inspire pride in neighbourhoods.

Groups are invited to apply for a share of the funds between £500 and £18,000 on an annual basis (£25,000 over three years) to establish projects or take action to tackle issues which affect the everyday lives of people living in our communities. The fund is particularly looking for new and inventive ways of helping communities.

Our strong belief is that local communities are going to be best at tackling many problems themselves – often they just need a little support and funding to get started. Together we can build stronger, happier communities for everyone and, ultimately, lead healthier, happier lives.

For more information you can email cif tyside or
write to – Mr Richard McIntosh, Community Capacity Building Officer , Public Involvement Team , Chief Executive Department , NHS Tayside , North Lodge, Kings Cross , Clepington Road , DUNDEE , DD3 8EA
Telephone Number – 01382 596979 ext : 36979