Force for Good funding

Force for Good is a national community sponsorship scheme set up by Police Mutual to support the wellbeing of local communities.

Want to support a good cause or initiative in your local area?

We’re now open for applications to apply for funds from our Force for Good scheme to help community groups or projects near you.

These could include things like:

  1. Equipment for a Scout, Brownie, Guide or similar youth group.
  2. Kit for a children’s sports team – gymnastics, hockey, football, etc.
  3. Plants and tools for a community garden.
  4. Anything, in fact, that’s close to your heart.

You can apply for Force for Good funding for any amount up to £1,000 to support a local initiative in your community.

Nomination project(s)
When the nomination window is open, you can nominate as many projects as you want.

You can apply for funding for any amount up to £1,000, for projects that will enhance the lives and wellbeing of the local community.

Each project will be carefully assessed and judged by our panel before any sponsorship funding is awarded. Successful projects will be those that meet the criteria of creating a change that positively impacts the local community, through for example specific purchases, activities or the running costs of a programme.

Force for Good funding is open to non-members of Police Mutual as well as members and there is no purchase necessary to enter the scheme.

For full terms and conditions, please click here