Together we dream, believe and achieve


Together, Sunflower Family Nurture Centre (Sunflower) and Mossview Care Home have built strong, trusting relationships over a number of years.  Our goal is quite simple; to enrich the lives of all whilst we learn and have fun together in a safe, supportive environment.  We aim to meet the needs of all and we do this in 4 key ways;

  • We aim to provide an environment which is conducive to learning and fun, where relationships can flourish.
  • We aim to tailor the learning experiences to ensure they meet the needs of all individuals, whether they be 3 or 93.
  • We aim to listen to the children and residents and act on their views to ensure we are getting it right for all.
  • We aim to use the skills of all and learn from each other.

Together we dream, believe and achieve!

5 years ago Mossview and Sunflower came together to form a relationship that would benefit the children within Sunflower and the residents within Mossview.  At that time some of the residents had grandchildren who would visit and the positive impact of this was clear to see.  At the same time Sunflower recognised the impact the older generation being involved in the care of young children was having within the nurture centre – this was witnessed through Family Times and at drop off and pick up times.  There was a real reason to explore this partnership and look at ways of supporting this moving forward.  The positive impact and benefits of this approach over a 5 year period is the reason why it is fully embedded in the life of Sunflower Family Nurture Centre and Mossview Care Home.


Approx. 70 Nursery children (3-5yrs), including those with additional needs, visit older adult residents. There is a core group of residents who could physically manage to the lounge for activities and for those that couldn’t manage, we visit them in their rooms or in upstairs lounge. 


Stage 1

Sunflower initially spent time visiting Mossview, getting to know the staff and residents.  This involved reading stories, singing songs and taking part in Arts and Crafts activities.  There has been a link with Mossview since 2017.  This stage was ongoing till August 18 when we formulated a plan moving forward.  Our children were 3-5 years and groups of 6 would visit throughout the year.

Stage 2

Having built solid relationships between Sunflower and Mossview we embarked on a Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) Project.  Children had developed their STEM skills, in particular, Woodwork and were ready to share this learning wider within the local community.  A plan was developed which would see the children and residents of Mossview designing and making items for their garden.  The children made a bench out of pallets and the residents worked with the children to paint this.  They also painted plant pots and had lots of fun developing the outdoor space at Mossview.  Activities were chosen ensuring a range of experiences, e.g. sensory experiences. This joint collaboration led to Education Scotland attending Mossview and filming the children and residents – a National STEM resource was produced and this is utilised on the Education Scotland National Resource Hub as a learning resource for practitioners.

The link here will take you to the video highlighting key aspects of this part of the project (Ctrl click to follow the link).

This stage of the project was ongoing between August 18 right up till the lockdown in March 2020.  It involved around 30 children over the year and 15 residents.

Stage 3

In August 2022, following all Covid19 restrictions being lifted, Sunflower Family Nurture Centre and Mossview worked collaboratively to plan the way forward for the project.  We decided that a real focus on the arts would support the needs of the children and the residents.

Sunflower, since lockdown, had observed children entering Nursery with lower levels of language and communication.  By visiting Mossview regularly our aim was to ensure children were given real life experiences that would encourage them to communicate, thus supporting the development of their language skills.

Mossview were, since the pandemic observing residents spending longer periods of time in their bedrooms.  We wanted to provide residents with an incentive to leave their rooms and take part in social events within the communal areas.  The planning with Sunflower meant that regular visits from the children and planned activities were lifting spirits and providing residents with a real sense of self worth.  Activities such as Bingo saw residents supporting children with their number recognition and real life skills such as turn taking and learning to wait and be patient.

Children now attend Mossview 2 or 3 times per week and take part in a wide range of events with the residents.  These include, arts and crafts, physical active sessions, table top games and parachute games.  On a Friday afternoon children attend Mossview’s live music sessions where they dance and sing with the residents.  Where a resident finds it more challenging to leave their room children visit the rooms and take a selection of toys to play with.  Residents share information with the children about the toys they used to play with when they were children.

A few residents of Mossview visit Sunflower and enjoy taking part in Café days and visiting the rooms.  Although Sunflower visit Mossview more regularly a few of the residents who are physically more able enjoy visiting the Nursery.

Benefits for the Community

A Community like Lochgelly likes to see different socio-economic groups coming together and highlights the values in this community. Anything that brings people together is valued. There is still respect for the older generation in Lochgelly. The project instils mutual respect.

Benefits for the younger people

  • Children are settled, happy and feel secure when they visit – they are able to talk about their visits and enjoy attending.  Very frequently children will now ask ‘when are we getting to go to Mossview?’
  • Children are talking more to the residents.  They have made trusting friendships with the residents, and they will confidently talk about their toys or the activity they are taking part in.
  • Children are learning within the Mossview environment.  Recently at one of the Bingo sessions one of our children who is very confident with numbers openly worked with one of the residents to play the game together.
  • For children with additional support needs, the visits to the home have supported their emotional wellbeing and communication.  One wee boy really finds it difficult to communicate. He was extremely calm and relaxed with one of the residents at Mossview and formed a real connection - he communicated with the resident more than we have ever seen within the Nursery setting.

Benefits for the older people

  • There has been a marked increase in the number of residents leaving their rooms and socialising within the communal areas.  The lounge area is busier.
  • The physical wellbeing of residents has increased.  One resident who would not walk is now using her walking aid to get to the lounge when she hears the children coming into the building.
  • Residents, in general, have a ‘new lease of life’, they are engaging more and facial expressions supports this – smiling, laughing and happy.


The intergenerational practise is embedded in the work of the nursery and the care home so no additional funding is allocated. 


There was ongoing communication with the care home with Shirley and the activity co-ordinators – how did the session go / what could we do to improve it next time? That’s embedded evaluation to know how to be reflective after each session. 

There’s a 6 month evaluation – where they sit down and assess where we are now and what we need to do differently going forward. That can be as simple as looking at the children who are in their care – as each year, the children change. 

Then there is talking to the children. The children’s voice is embedded and at the heart of what they do at Sunflower. The children have a voice around the sessions, who are they enjoying them; what are they learning – so all of that feeds into evaluation.

Likewise, at the care home, the residents are asked their views and their sessions are evaluated too.

There is an ongoing evaluation with parents where they are asked how it is going, what’s going well and what needs to happen now. This includes anecdotal evidence from parents which may include what the children are saying at home.

One of the children was really frightened to enter a care home to visit her grandad. Then the nursery started taking her up to Mossview. Her confidence grew and the parents then saw a difference in her when she went to see her own grandparent. She wasn’t scared anymore. It’s amazing the impact it can have.

So, it’s talking to the residents, the children, parents and the staff are always evaluating what they do.


When we started with Mossview there was only us as partners. Now there is a local school also visiting Mossview. It is definitely seen as best practice in Lochgelly – and the schools are now recognising the benefits of collaboration.   

Sunflower have considered partnering with sheltered housing in the area too.

Local Priorities

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Attendance and engagement 
  • Achievement 
  • Positive destinations 

National Outcomes

Health - We are healthy and active

Children and Young People - We grow up loved, safe and respected so that we realise our full potential

Communities - We live in communities that are inclusive, empowered, resilient and safe

Education - We are well educated, skilled and able to contribute to society