Thematic Networks

Ageism Network

Covid-19 has affected people of all ages, in different ways. But beyond the impacts of the virus itself, some of the narratives about different age groups have exposed a deep and older malady: ageism. Older people have often been seen as uniformly frail and vulnerable, while younger people have been portrayed as invincible, or as reckless and irresponsible. Stereotyping (how we think), prejudice (how we feel) and discrimination (how we act) based on age, are not new; Covid-19 has amplified these harmful attitudes. (The Global Report on Ageism, WHO 2021)

Together with our membership GWT will host conversations around how intergenerational approaches can be used to address ageism. The network will meet 3 times each year inviting guests from across the globe to share their expertise knowledge and experience to guide us in identifying ways on how we can reduce ageism for people of all ages especially the younger and older generations. 

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Intergenerational Housing, Places and Spaces Network

This network will bring interested parties together online using Zoom 3-4 times per year to share the latest information and resources from the field, facilitate peer learning, and grow the community of intergenerational housing, places and spaces.

We will invite a range of experts to share their ideas and real life examples of intergenerational housing and shared sites and explore how the future of looking at housing and spaces can change to fit everyone’s needs. 

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Research Network

The idea behind the network is to share peer experience, knowledge and academic research. We will create discussion opportunities allowing you to consider new ideas and spark creativity as well as giving more accessible evidence to help you develop and grow the field of intergenerational practice. GWT invites practitioners and academics to get in touch to share news, plans and evidence about past, existing and future research studies, programmes and pilots.

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