Help connect Scotland's generations!

Your support will help bring together Scotland's generations, combating loneliness and making our society more inclusive for all ages.

Intergenerational work brings together people of different generations, who might not otherwise meet, to build relationships and collaborate in positive, creative ways. This could involve community gardening projects, music workshops in care homes, using digital technology to socialise during the pandemic, and much more.

An intergenerational approach within our communities is known to have the following benefits: 

  • improving physical and mental health;
  • reducing loneliness and social isolation;
  • promoting respect across generations;
  • preventing harmful stereotyping;
  • encouraging collaboration.

Our Vision is to live in a Scotland where different generations are more connected and everyone has the opportunity to build relationships that help to create a fairer society. With loneliness on the rise especially among younger and older people, it is more important than ever that we harness the benefits of an intergenerational approach within our communities.

Find out below how you can support Generations Working Together reach and connect people of all ages in Scotland.