Local Networks

GWT facilitate 18 local networks across Scotland covering all corners from the Islands and Highlands to the southern areas of the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway. Each network meets 2-4 times each year normally face to face however due to Covid-19 we have been hosting the network meetings online using Zoom. 

During 2021 GWT, our normal local network meetings have been replaced with a thematic calendar of meetings and webinars which encourage members from all networks to come together to discuss and consider new ideas for intergenerational activites and projects. We hope to start introducing our local face to face meetings in 2022 when it is safer to do so.

The networks are free to join and provide access to:

Who can join?

  • Local educational institutions (nurseries, play groups, schools, colleges, universities, community education)
  • Voluntary and community organisations
  • Public sector organisations, local authorities, health boards, police, fire and rescue
  • Older people’s groups and organisations (care homes, day centres, sheltered housing etc.)
  • Younger people’s organisations (youth groups, uniformed groups etc.)
  • Sports groups, local faith communities and other related organisations
  • Individuals of any age with an interest in intergenerational working can join too!

If you would like to attend a local network meeting please register via your local network page ensuring that you provide an email address for GWT to send you the code to access meetings.