Age Awareness Training for Intergenerational Teams in the Workplace

Age Awareness Training for Intergenerational Teams in the Workplace

With five generations in the workplace for the first time, the need for employers to understand and capitalise on their intergenerational workforce is greater than ever. Generations Working Together have developed a 2.5 hour training course aimed at employers and employees to identify and address how intergenerational practice can increase collaboration in the workplace.

Outcomes include:

  • Raise awareness and knowledge of ageism in the workplace
  • Understand intergenerational practice and its benefits
  • How to plan relevant intergenerational initiatives
  • How to bring different generations together to overcome barriers and meet challenges

The training is based on the latest academic research in intergenerational practice and will be delivered by GWT’s expert staff.

To request more information or to discuss costs, please contact Lorraine George


YUGO: Thank you to Lorraine George and the team at Generations Working Together (GWT) for their insight on age awareness and helping our Yugoers grow by understanding what motivates different generations in the workplace. We are thankful for the knowledge of the benefits of an intergenerational workforce, and we learnt to feel more comfortable with problem-solving during situations. We highly recommend GWT's program for any organisation with intergenerational teams. (March 2023)


We hosted an 'Age Awareness in the Workplace' session during Global Intergenerational Week 2023, featuring guest speaker Megan Gerhardt, of Gentelligence.