Violence is Preventable


The Senior V.I.P. (Violence is Preventable) project is a personal safety and abuse prevention project aimed at senior citizens. It is on-going and was developed in partnership with older adults, the police, fire and rescue services, sheltered housing complexes and ‘Eighteen and Under’. Young people who are service users and who volunteer with Eighteen and Under are encouraged to become involved with its delivery as they have experience of the successful children’s prevention programme. Participants have been aged between 10 and 101. The partners are: Eighteen and Under; Tayside Police; Tayside Fire and Rescue; and sheltered complexes run by Bield, Abertay and Sanctuary Housing Associations.

Many older and vulnerable adults live in fear of crime and some can fall prey to strangers who exploit or abuse them. Some can suffer at the hands of unthinking relatives and carers and some become more at risk of accident and injury indoors or outdoors as they grow older or less able to cope. Many lack up-to-date awareness of legal rights, safety and health. The Senior V.I.P. programme resources help to raise awareness whilst having fun completing the games and activities.

Successful features

The programme is delivered by young people in sheltered housing complexes once a week over an 8 – 12 week period for one hour. It consists of songs, games, quizzes, scenes from a DVD, and activities designed to encourage the discussion of important issues, to raise awareness, and to be fun. Also a resource book has been created using songs, games, activities, quizzes and safety worksheets to provide information and encourage discussion in a way that is memorable and such good fun that people clamour to receive the programme. The main feature of success is the willingness to try something new without funding using volunteers. Evaluations of the programme show a marked reduction in fear of crime; increased confidence; and increased awareness of health and safety.

The issues of elder abuse and safety for elderly people have become more prevalent over the past few years. Prevention is key and ViP has developed a number of fully evaluated resources that anyone can use. Raising awareness, providing information, and most importantly FUN are the key aims of the Senior VIP programme. “CLICK HERE”: to find resources and information on how to use them. To buy any of the resources featured, visit the online shop. Also there is a dedicated forum for VIP users, to ask questions, make comments or get handy hints and tips for delivering sessions.