Intergenerational Research Network

Wednesday 18th May 2022, 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Zoom virtual meeting

This session will offer insight into academic research and share it with you our network, looking at up to date research and sharing ideas that may assist our networks to grow and learn. Research has shown us and continues to pave the way looking at the benefits of intergenerational programs and highlights the difference that intergenerational connections can make in relation to health and wellbeing, self esteem, learning and breaking down stereotypes.

Guest speaker
Dr Gillian Sandstrom formerly at the University of Essex and now at the University of Sussex, has recently conducted a research study on cross-generational conversations. She and her collaborators hosted >100 conversations on Zoom (i.e., more than 200 people), about half of which were between people of the same age group (same-gen; 25-30 or 65-70), and half of which were cross-generational. The researchers asked participants to predict how their conversation would go, actually have a 15-min conversation with a partner, and report back on how the conversation had actually gone. The researchers asked about the benefits that people experienced from having the conversation, allowing a comparison of the benefits that were experienced during same-gen vs. cross-gen conversations. She will share with us the results of the research study, and is keen to hear about how members of our network might be able to make use of these results.

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