#GIW24 - Webinar - The benefits of applying an intergenerational approach to the workforce.

Tuesday 30th April 2024, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

1 in 5 employers believe that age discrimination occurs in their organisation (source: Age Without Limits) and as a society we are surrounded by images and narrative which perpetuate the concept of generational division.

With multiple generations in the workplace for the first time, the need for employers to understand and capitalise on their intergenerational workforce is greater than ever. What changes should we make within the workplace to enable generational diversity to be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat?

How can we apply an intergenerational approach to the workplace that recognises and supports the exchange of complementary generational knowledge and skills?

Join us in this discussion, as we explore the benefits which come from building an intergenerational workplace.

Facilitators: Alison Clyde, CEO & Lorraine George, Learning and Development Officer (GWT)

Presenters: TBC

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