Local Networks: Tayside (Angus/Dundee/Perth/Kinross)

Welcome to the Tayside Network

Welcome to the newly merged Tayside network which covers the areas of Angus, Dundee and Perth & Kinross.

The 3-4 meetings planned each year will move around the different areas with each area hosting at least one meeting per year.

Local Network Co-ordinator for Angus is Shonagh Ferguson (shonagh.ferguson@aberlour.org.uk)
Local Network Co-ordinator for Dundee is Caitlyn Cooper-McCulloch (Caitlyn@thefoodtrain.co.uk)
Local Network Co-ordinator for Perth & Kinross is Donna McGlashan

Next meeting is planned Wednesday 13th November 3 pm at Balhousie Primary School, 71 Dunkeld Rd, Perth PH1 5AW
See this weblink to book: https://generationsworkingtogether.org/events-training/dundee-angus-intergenerational-meeting-23-09-2019#form

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