Looking for a new challenge for 2024?

Closing date for applications - 31st January 2024

Volunteering with GWT this past few years has let me see the value of intergenerational practice in many arenas of life.. I have loved the opportunity so far of being part of a Board with such great diversity of age and experience.” (GWT Trustee)

As the nationally recognised centre of excellence supporting the development and integration of intergenerational work across Scotland, we are looking for someone who wants to become actively involved in progressing intergenerational work across Scotland. We are seeking trustees with a strong background/expert skills and life experience in one of the following areas:

  • Human Resources (two areas here to develop - our internal HR and supporting the development of our workplace support)
  • Marketing and Communications (including digital)
  • Health and /or Social Care

The next three years looks very exciting with GWT developing new programmes of work including support to the workplace, a new corporate plan, manifesto and on top of our normal networks and training programme an events calendar which includes the following:

  • 2024 - Six learning roadshows facilitated in Aberdeen, Ayrshire, Dundee, Dumfries, Glasgow and Inverness,
  • A Parliamentary Reception (Holyrood) launching a new publication and celebrating 2024’s Excellence Award Winners (11th June)
  • 2025 – National Conference to be held in the Highlands celebrating local grassroot work (possibly May or Sept)
  • 2026 – Global Intergenerational Conference in Glasgow in partnership with the International Consortium of Intergenerational Programmes (possibly May or Sept)

Our Trustees are responsible and accountable for the overall strategic leadership and direction of the organisation and share our vision and passion of promoting strong, generationally connected communities.

We ask for a commitment which involves attending:

  • Four online board meetings (normally held on a Wednesday, 5.30pm to 8pm) (however this could alter in the future due to the needs of Trustees)
  • The Annual General Meeting (online) – November 2024
  • One development session (in person normally Glasgow) each year to develop and review the corporate plan/manifesto.
  • Occasional GWT Conferences/ Parliamentary receptions or other events.

For more information or to arrange an informal conversation about GWT or intergenerational work please contact Alison Clyde, Chief Executive Officer on 07769629988 or by email.