COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Study

Elaine Douglas, Principal Investigator of the study is informing you that they are in the final stages of the Healthy Ageing In Scotland (HAGIS) HAGIS: COVID-19 Impact & Recovery Study | HAGIS where they are addressing older people’s concerns about COVID and how these have impacted their lives. So, far they have heard from many older people, either via survey or through participation in one of their focus groups or interviews.

They are keen to learn your perspective if you work or worked in organisations supporting older people through COVID. This may look most importantly on how you consider this will affect your service/workforce/job in the future, and what are the key issues that should be focussed on as part of the recovery from the pandemic.

They really want to grasp the issues that are live for organisations so that they can make meaningful recommendations for policy debate and/or service support and development. They know there is a lot of fatigue in workforces just now… it’s continues to be exhausting for many!

The time commitment is low (3 × 30min surveys, one per month), individual and organisations will be anonymised, and there is a real opportunity to feed into research that has a commitment to making a difference.

Here is a flyer that Elaine would grateful if you could share with your organisations. Anyone who’d like to take part can email here or email Elaine.

Many thanks, Elaine