Developing Age-friendly Communities (AfCs) in Rural Areas

Older people living in rural areas face issues that include transport (availability, access and affordability), access to health services, greater risk of isolation/loneliness, creating interest/participation of older people, digital exclusion, access to suitable housing or care options. Climate/weather impacts can also have a greater influence in rural areas, for example on the ability to participate in healthy activities or exercise or risk of fuel poverty.

This free rural seminar will focus on several key issues/questions including:

  • How is a governance and participation structure for an Age friendly Community (AfC) in Scotland developed in more rural areas? What does this structure look like in practice and what are the key elements?
  • What are the specific challenges for rural areas in developing and implementing an AfC and how does this differ from more urban areas?
  • Are there specific themes within the WHO framework that are more relevant and pertinent to rural communities?
  • Are there specific inequalities existing within rural areas that impact on an AfC?

The main outcomes for the event would be the sharing of information, practice and ideas on rural issues for your AfC. For rural communities it is anticipated that by outcomes/outputs would be broadly similar in terms of highlighting rural challenges for an AfC and learning what works in a rural context when considering the WHO framework.

14th March 2024, 11am-3pm, Perth Concert Hall, PH1 5HZ

To reserve a place, go to eventbrite.