FREE training for Edinburgh, Glasgow & Inverclyde

Generations Working Together has partnered with the Food for Life Get Togethers team. Food for Life Get Togethers are events and activities that create meaningful connections between different generations through cooking, growing and eating good food. These can help people and
communities build a happy, healthy relationship with food, improving health and making communities stronger. Food for Life Get Togethers are for people of all ages and backgrounds, helping everyone connect. The course offers the followng:

Learning Outcomes
• Understand more about good food and how to include it within community activities.
• Demonstrate an understanding of intergenerational practice (IP) and approaches in sharing food for life get togethers.
• Demonstrate confidence around planning interaction between generations.
• Develop knowledge, skills and confidence to enhance intergenerational work and relationships.
• Increased confidence to plan food based activities in your community such as growing, cooking or sharing good food.

Choose a date that suits you

Venue: via Zoom interactive session
Dates: Tuesday 16th March or Tuesday 30th March
Time: 10 am—2pm (with 30 minute lunch break)

To register for a place email Bella or telephone 07927550730

There are a limited number of spaces available