How a simple connection can make a difference

Intergenerational conversations are a great way to bring young and older people together and this story about Three Crows retirement community who have been meeting with children from GoodSports summer camp for the past 8 years shows a fun way to connect: children, ice cream and intergenerational friendships

It is a perfect example of how the simple things in life can connect us, like, just meeting to share some time and some ice cream in the afternoon. It all started with a staff member from GoodSports finding out that the retirement home was open to the public and served lunches. It grew when he took the young people over to get ice cream.

Residents loved seeing the kids, and the staff were extremely welcoming. “They are the ones who made it happen,” said Carra. “The staff there are really, really cool.”

During the pandemic they really missed the young people and thought of ways to keep the tradition going by switching the ice cream to outside and delivering them to the young people.
Residents also enjoyed hearing the children laugh and play across the street while camp was in session, said Dye. “It fills everyone’s heart with joy.”

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This is one example of something that anyone can do to connect generations and get the relationships forming and of course its ice cream in Summer but it can be other kinds of connections that people can make through food. If you have been sharing food between generations why don’t you tell us your story we love to hear what you have been doing. Contact Bella to find out more about #intergenerational food networks and connecting generations.