Making Bridges with Music

How about childminders in our care homes?

While there has been much focus on how care homes are linking with nurseries, Torbay council is supporting childminders to work from local care homes, thereby benefiting children and residents and their families.

This follows on from the council’s Making Bridges with Music project.).pdf

Torbay council’s work with childminders in care homes has been supported by a government grant.

The above report states the following recommendations;

  • That funders and care homes continue to invest in intergenerational and interactive music and arts interventions in key areas of Torbay, targeting geographical areas of concern in terms of isolation.
  • That Torbay Children Services develop CPD opportunities for childminders with a focus on how to facilitate intergenerational connections and how to model behaviour to facilitate interactions. Provide incentives for childminders to get involved in intergenerational interventions.
  • That Torbay Council and local relevant organisations develop music and arts CPD opportunities for support care workers at residential care homes. CPD should focus on the benefits of music and arts interventions, exploring how best to support residents’ creativity.
  • That Torbay Children’s Services encourage and develop mentors amongst childminders who have been part of the project to recruit and advise new childminders and care homes.
  • Local arts and music organisations to develop and support intergenerational interactive interventions in collaboration with local care homes.

For more details please contact Lorraine George.

10th July 2018