Intergenerational Community Music Groups and Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Generations Working Together was approached by a student at the University of Edinburgh who is seeking participants for their disseration. They write:

I am Chiko Parkinson, a fourth-year student at the University of Edinburgh. My dissertation titled "Musical Connections: Intergenerational Community Music Groups and Social and Emotional Wellbeing" explores the significance of intergenerational community music groups in promoting social and emotional wellbeing among elderly and adolescent participants. The primary research question driving this study is focused on identifying the key workshop design features crucial for planning effective intergenerational community music groups.

I aim to conduct interviews with intergenerational workshop leaders and community musicians who have direct experience working with elderly and adolescent participants in such settings. Through these interviews, I aim to gain insights into their experiences, perspectives on the benefits of intergenerational music workshops, and strategies for engaging diverse age groups effectively.

If you have worked with people of both ages 13-18 and 75+ and would like to help with my research please feel free to contact me at