Loneliness Awareness Week

The Marmalade Trust launched Loneliness Awareness Week in 2017 and it grows in momentum each year across the UK and this year they are excited to see other countries get involved.

Loneliness Awareness Week is a week dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness. and reducing the stigma that surrounds it. It’s all about creating supportive communities by having conversations with family, friends or colleagues about loneliness. Loneliness is a natural human emotion. We are hardwired to need social connections; by talking about it, we can support ourselves and others.

There are lots of things that we can do that bring our generations together and this week we hope that you, our network will think of connections and activities to bring people together and help to make connections and break down isolation in our communities.

Starting Monday 12th June 2023 there will be many ways for everyone to do something. Whether you are a small or large business, organisation, community group or individual, there is something for everyone.

Download a supporter pack here
A bundle of resources from social posts to posters here
Spread the word on social media resources here