Participation with the Scottish Parliament

The Scottish government has launch a public participation inquiry into how people’s voices are heard in the work of the Parliament. The Parliament wants to hear from people from across Scotland particularly when it develops new laws or policies that affect them. This is important because just now we know that the Parliament doesn’t hear from some groups or communities. They want to make sure that the views and opinions of everyone in Scotland are included in the work of the Parliament.

The inquiry started with consulting with people across Scotland. They heard from 460 people and organisations who told them what improvements they would like to see to make engaging with the Parliament easier.

The Scottish Parliament Participation and Communities Team want to know, which of the recommendations they should prioritise, and how they should go about implementation.

How do I take part?
You will need to register to take part by creating a username, such as your name, organisation, or it can be anonymous if you like. Find out more here