Take part in the survey on volunteering during COVID-19

The purpose of this survey is to understand more about the volunteer response from the perspectives of:

Local and national organisations working directly with volunteers
Third Sector Interfaces, Local Authorities, HSCPs and other ‘infrastructure’ organisations that have supported the volunteer response across an area or sector.

Your contribution to this research will help to understand the current situation for volunteering, and to identify and respond to emerging needs as Scotland moves into the next phase of the pandemic and recovery in Scotland. The survey data will also be used to support the UK-wide Mobilising UK Voluntary Action research project, led by Northumbria University, which is investigating the role of volunteering in the pandemic response.

The survey results will be published in summer 2021. The closing date for the survey is 1st of June 2021 at 11.59 pm. Please complete the survey on their website.