A brief guide to measuring loneliness

If you work in a charity or social enterprise and want to understand if your activities help people feel less lonely, then this guide is for you. You may be responsible for evaluating the overall impact of your organisation, or interested in how to think about alleviating loneliness in the context of your other aims.

In order to get the most of this guidance we expect you to know a little bit about evaluation and how to gather and analyse data about your project. If you’d like more help with planning your evaluation can find some advice and guidance at KnowHow Nonprofit and Better Evaluation.

Because loneliness is related to many aspects of our life, you may also want to know how your activities can improve the overall wellbeing of the people you work with. We’ll cover some recommended wellbeing measures briefly in this guide, and you can find more detail about these in our online guide on Measuring your Wellbeing Impact.

This guide provides a brief introduction to measuring loneliness – for more evidence and resources, including a downloadable questionnaire to use in your evaluation, see our website.