Amazing Things

Amazing Things list key features of a range of youth awards provided by members of the Awards network.

The Awards Network was established in Scotland in 2008 as a forum of providers of non-formal learning opportunities for young people, recognised by youth work awards. Its members work together to raise awareness of the range and impact of awards accrediting learning and achievements of young people aged 10–25. It recognises awards that use youth work approaches and are available throughout Scotland.

Since first published in 2008, Amazing Things has helped to foster greater recognition amongst educationalists, employers and young people themselves, of the value of youth work awards and their wider impact on young people’s learning, skills and personal development.

The awards listed include top awards of Awards Network member organisations as appropriate, but it is by no means a comprehensive guide. It is only possible here to list some of a much wider range of awards that can be achieved through their award programmes. Awards provider website and contact details are listed in the Directory of Awards Network Members.

The guide is aimed at everyone who places a value on young people’s voluntary effort to develop their own skills and improve the communities around them.

Schools will be able to see how young people’s extra-curricular activities complement formal learning and recognise the potential for youth awards to support attainment and achievement.

Colleges and universities will be able to recognise the importance of a wide range of prior learning, and also offer opportunities for students to develop skills and competence alongside their studies.

Employers will be able to better recognise youth awards and understand the way in which young people’s non-formal learning and community activities build up their ‘soft skills’, and make them more effective employees in the workplace.

Youth organisations will be able to identify ways of recognising and accrediting young people’s volunteering, achievement and self-development.

Young people can explore opportunities to harness youth awards to shape their own learner journey and gain recognition and accreditation for their achievements.

More information and supporting resources can be found by visiting the Awards Network’s website.