Intergenerational Shared Spaces - generations Together Cymru

In 2003 the then Welsh Assembly Government identified the development of intergenerational relationships as a core element of its Strategy for Older People. Since then the Welsh Government has been working with the Beth Johnson Foundation (in partnership with RSVP Cymru since 2009) to embed intergenerational work in its approach to promoting positive ageing and building strong communities. One area that has gained increasing interest has been that of how shared spaces can enable or not the development of relationships across the generations. This review has been commissioned to develop our understanding of the potential for such approaches and the pre-requisites to increase the likelihood of successful impact.

This report:
1) Undertakes a review of the current literature on Intergenerational Shared Spaces (IGSS) and relates this to a Welsh policy and practice context.
2) Based on this analysis, discusses the relevance of IGSS to Wales with reference to current political and economic drivers and circumstance;
3) Makes recommendations to people with a policy or practice interest in Intergenerational Practice (IP) or Age Friendly Communities (AFC) in Wales;
4) Provides a list of general resources for further reading.