Latest Brighter Bervie Activities

Tom Campbell, chairperson of Brighter Bervie, has provided the following update on Brighter Bervie Activities.

As any gardener knows, winter doesn’t end the action, it just changes the jobs we have to do. In addition to tidying-up our various garden sites, the Brighter Bervie team has been planting bulbs for a colourful display in Spring 2018. Our neighbours, the enthusiastic Bervie School pupils have helped us along with folk from the local Daycare Group.

We’re always keen to welcome old hands and newcomers at our regular weekly sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 14.00h and Saturday mornings at 10.00h. Come along to give us a hand and enjoy good company and a warming cuppie. Call 01561 361350 for more information.

Tom Campbell
Brighter Bervie

29th November 2017