Edinburgh & West Lothian Intergenerational Network

Wednesday 29th May 2024, 9:30am - 11:30am
Space@ The Broomhouse Hub, 79-89 Broomhouse Cres, Edinburgh EH11 3RH

We are excited to be hosting our first Network meeting of 2024 in the Space@TheBroomhousehub. We look forward to hearing from practitioners and people involved with intergenerational projects in their community. We celebrate the diversity of intergenerational practice as it brings benefits to all ages as well as the wider community.

You are welcome to join us to learn, discuss and make new contacts especially if you represent a youth group, older peoples group, care home, school, nursery, all age groups, sports or faith groups. Its all about connecting in our community and using an intergenerational lens to explore ideas.

Intergenerational practice is not just a 'nice' thing to do but essential to building sustainable communities.

The spaces are limited to 20 so please book your space for a Fun and interactive 2 hour session exploring:

Ageism and Stereotypes
Community Connections

Louisa Turner, Intergenerational Development Officer is looking forward to meeting you.
Contact louisa@gwt.scot  if you have any questions.

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