GWT Conference Webinar - Day 3

Friday 12th March 2021, 10:00am - 1:30pm

This year, due to the pandemic we are going to offer 6 webinars, each lasting one and a half hours, covering a wide range of topics which will be available online.

Friday 12th March 2021

Webinar 5 – Innovation

Time: 10am – 11.30am

Reaching out with Radio

Speaker: Jason Blyth, Principal Teacher of Music, Bertha Park High School, Perth

The pupils and staff at Bertha Park High School in Perth believe no one should feel lonely or isolated, so they are establishing an online radio station playing music, taking requests, shout-outs and mentions, aimed specifically at older people in the community. Their aim is to establish a truly intergenerational experience, including and engaging people of all ages as the station grows and develops. In this session, the pupils tell their story so far.

Kinections – Creative Approaches to Strengthening Connections

Speaker: Edel Roddy, Project Coordinator, Generations Working Together

The Creative Approaches to Strengthening Connections webinar will showcase a range of free online resources* which have been designed to stimulate fresh, energising and insightful conversations between people. These resources were created as part of a project called Kinections which explored enhancing community in care homes, they are fundamentally about bringing people together and cherishing our shared humanity as humans across ages, settings and social circumstance.

The webinar will take a practical approach to illustrating how these resources can be used and where to access information and ideas about where, when and how people might give them a go. We will also share some examples of how these resources have been used by projected connected to Generations Working Together.

*The resources can be accessed by visiting here.

Excellence Award Presentation – Digital Innovation

Time: 11.15am

Break till webinar 6 starts at 12noon

Webinar 6 – Research, Innovation & Award

This webinar will commence with the presentation of the GWT Excellence Award 2021 – Innovation in the Community

Time: 12 noon – 1.30pm

Speaker: Dr Louise A. Brown Nicholls, Senior Lecturer, Director, Strathclyde Ageing Network, University of Strathclyde

Our research has addressed the potential for community-based intergenerational engagement to benefit older adults’ health and wellbeing. We will first present key findings from a systematic review which synthesises the available evidence on the health and wellbeing outcomes for older adults participating in a variety of community-based intergenerational engagement activities. We will also provide an overview of our primary school-based intergenerational engagement programme. This will include key findings from our pilot randomised, controlled trial of the health outcomes for our older adult volunteers, as well as additional insights from qualitative research involving the older adult volunteers, pupils, and school staff.

Speakers: Anneke Fitzgerald, PHD/Professor Emeritus, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia & Greg Cronan, Researcher/Program Director at Intergenerational Learning Australia

Intergenerational learning using video conferencing

Coming from a technology design and implementation background, Greg Cronan has applied unified communications and telehealth solutions into an ‘intergenerational learning using video conferencing’ program. After completing studies and research about intergenerational learning at Griffith University Greg – in conjunction with Professor Anneke Fitzgerald – have developed and implemented this program over the past 18 months. These weekly interactions involve elders at residential aged care homes discussing school topics via video calls with students in their classrooms. In addition to reciprocal learning outcomes for both age groups, there have been positive changes in behaviour, attendance rates, calmness, attentiveness, mood, empathy, curiosity and joy along with doses of humour! The next phase will include elders living at home.

Excellence Award Presentation – Celebration Award

Time: 2.15pm

Delegates will have the choice of two webinars each day, some of which will include a presentation announcing this year’s Excellence Awards winners.

  • Day 1Monday 8th March (1) Intergenerational Faith Communities (2) Places for encounters and connections (3) Excellence Award (Creative ways to connect after Covid-19)
  • Day 2Wednesday 10th March (1) Let’s get rid of Ageism (2) Excellence Award (Tackling Ageism) (3) Food and Relationships (4) Excellence Award (Innovation in the Community)


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