Age is just a number

We are pleased to introduce this beautifully written blog about research carried out by Dr Gillian Sandstrom and Dr Joshua Moreton. The research offers some insights into people of different generations talking to each other, complete strangers meeting and chatting. It explores how people often are in avoidance to speak with others or meet someone new. The researchers asked participants to predict how their conversation would go, actually have a 15-min conversation with a partner, and report back on how the conversation had actually gone. The researchers asked about the benefits that people experienced from having the conversation, allowing a comparison of the benefits that were experienced during same-gen vs. cross-gen conversations.

Read Josh’s blog here

Dr Sandstrom is our guest speaker at the forthcoming Thematic Intergenerational Research Network on Wednesday 18th May 2022, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, she will share with us the results of the research study, and is keen to hear about how members of our network might be able to make use of these results.

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