SupportersIf you are planning any face-to-face or virtual events, holding intergenerational discussions or announcing any exciting ideas and projects across America, please do get in touch. We will include your events along with Generations United on this page and share your news via our social media channels.

Here are some events taking place so far:

Monday 25th April

  • Global Intergenerational Week Funding Forum - 08.00 - 09.20am (PT) 11am - 12.20pm (ET) and 16.00-17.20 (GMT) (Virtual)

Alison Clyde (GWT CEO) and Vicki Titterington (LGNI Director) will be joined by Chelsea Mason, Director of External Relations at The Eisner Foundation in Los Angeles, who will discuss their foundation’s journey to becoming the only U.S. foundation exclusively supporting intergenerational programming, and how other funders can maximize their impact by considering intergenerational efforts in their own work. Register here.

  • Movement Mediation for our Planet - 11.00am (EDT) 3pm (GMT)

Live interactive celebration of connection with special guests from the Cleveland Intergenerational Schools. We welcome your participation in this interactive, joyful and reflective event that invites us to show up for ourselves, our families, friends, communities, and for our beloved earth. All ages, abilities, cultural backgrounds, languages, and dreams welcome. You are welcome to invite others to join you! Hosted by InterHub and Kairos Alive. Register here.

  • Bridging across Generations  - 1.30 - 2.30pm (ET) 5.30-7.30pm (GMT)

How do younger and older groups differ on such issues as religion and politics? How do different age groups feel about Cancel Culture? Does being "Woke" mean the same thing at different ages? How do we prevent overgeneralizing and speaking about individual age groups as if they are monolithic? Leaders from Convergence, BridgeUSA,, and the Millennial Action Project will lead a riveting conversation with ample opportunities to learn and participate. Join us as we highlight ways to bring diverse age groups together to deal with our nation's differences. Register here.

Thursday 28th April

  • Thinking differently about what it means to be intergenerational - 10-11am Mountain Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT- 06.00)

Studies show that intergenerational education and connection has a powerful impact on reducing ageism. And the interest in intergenerational programs has risen. But what does it mean to be intergenerational? As part of Global Intergenerational Week, we are facilitating a conversation about the different faces of intergenerational connection, including:

      • Why grandparents are a crucial and often overlooked part of the intergenerational conversation.
      • A mother-daughter business that demonstrates daily the what the research shows: That intergenerational teams are more creative and better problem solvers.
      • Why age-friendly universities are the wave of the future.
      • And more! And as usual, there will be an opportunity for you to weigh in and ask questions.

You can register for this free event from this link here.

  • Keeping the Spark of Activism Alive - 3pm (ET)

Join Generations United for Keeping the Spark of Activism Alive, a virtual dialogue facilitated by author and journalist Juan Williams. This virtual event will elevate the impact of connecting elders and youth in conversation around the Civil Rights Movement, current social justice movements, the future of racial justice, and the role of intergenerational relationships in the fight for racial equity. This conversation will also discuss how programs that bring older and younger people together can preserve the history and spirit of marginalized communities. This is sure to be a thought-provoking and inspiring event, so be sure to register today!

Lead contact for America

Generations United is national non-profit with the mission to improve the lives of children, youth, and older people through intergenerational collaboration, public policies, and programs for the enduring benefit of all. Generations United is the catalyst that brings single-age focused groups together to build and support a common agenda while providing a unique voice in public debate. We honor, support, and engage all ages. To learn more about the work of Generations United please visit their website.

The Eisner Foundation identifies, advocates for, and invests in high-quality and innovative programs that unite multiple generations for the enrichment of our communities. The Eisner Foundation was started in 1996 by Michael D. Eisner, then-Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and his wife Jane in order to focus their family’s philanthropic activities. In 2015, The Eisner Foundation became the only U.S. funder investing exclusively in intergenerational solutions. To learn more about The Eisner Foundation, please visit their website.

For more details and to share events from across America contact:

Danica Derriennic, Special Projects Coordinator at Generations United

Chelsea Mason, Director of External Relations for the Eisner Foundation