If you are planning any face-to-face or virtual events, holding intergenerational discussions or announcing any exciting ideas and projects across Mexico, please do get in touch. We will include your events along with Corimaz events on this page and share your news via our social media channels.

Join events in Mexico and virtually throughout Global Intergenerational Week.

Monday 25th April

  •  ¡Volvamos a conectar!- Let’s reconnect - 11.00-13.00 (Mexico City Time)  17.00-19.00 (GMT) (Virtual)

Mexico will start the Intergenerational Week by listening to different intergenerational experiences lived during the pandemic of young and old people. Founding partners and collaborators of Córimaz will talk about the importance of the Intergenerational Week and the importance of Intergenerational programs. Join the zoom links below to be a part of the event (in Spanish). 

Los últimos dos años han sido un reto para todos nosotros.

Comenzaremos nuestra semana intergeneracional escuchando diferentes experiencias intergeneracionales, de jóvenes y mayores, vividas durante la pandemia.

Asimismo, socios fundadadores y colaboradores de Córimaz, nos contarán sobre la semana intergeneracional y la importancia de los programas intergeneracionales. ¡Además, nos acompañarán las Viejitubers! Te invitamos a escucharl@s. ¡El confinamiento en ningún momento fue impedimento para compartir!

Enlace del Evento: Reunión de Zoom programada el 25 de abril 2022, 11:00 a.m. Ciudad de México. 

Contact the leads below for registration details.

Tuesday 26th of April 

  • ¡Combatamos la soledad y el aislamiento!- Let’s fight loneliness and isolation! (Virtual)

The pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. It is time to combat the loneliness and isolation that the pandemic imposed on us and return to the starting point: reconnect, recognize and rediscover those who for a moment were far away. We invite you to share your story. Send us an image of the hands of three generations of your family or of the little members putting on the shoes of the grandparents, and accompany it with a short story. Email the organisers on the email below with your content if you are based in Mexico.

La pandemia ha sido un reto para todos. Es momento de combatir la soledad y el aislamiento que la pandemia nos impuso y retomar el punto de partida: reconectar, reconocer y redescubrir a aquellos que por un momento tuvimos lejos.

En este día, contaremos historias que nos inspiren e inviten a regenerar los lazos y la conexión entre chicos y grandes.

Te invitamos a compartir tu historia. Envíanos una imagen de las manos de tres generaciones de en tu familia o de los pequeños integrantes poniéndose los zapatos de los abuelos, y acompáñalo con un breve relato.

Friday 29th April

  • ¡Celebremos la Solidaridad Intergeneracional!- Celebrate Intergenerational Solidarity! - 11:00-13:00 (Mexico City Time) 17.00-19.00 (GMT) (Virtual)

Mexican mariachis join this great concert (WRAD) to share their talent with the Viejitubers. The WRAD (World Rock Against Dementia) is an event that is held annually in different parts of the world. Its mission is to raise awareness about dementia and the benefit that music has to improve the quality of life of older people Connect to this fun concert. Join the zoom links below to be a part of the event (in Spanish). 

WRAD (World Rock´s Against Dementia)

Artistas de diferentes géneros musicales se unen a este gran concierto para compartir su talento con las Viejitubers. Conéctate a este divertido concierto, en el que la música y la vejez se unen para llenar nuestros hogares de dicha.

Saturday 30th April

  • ¡Rompamos las barreras de la edad!- Let’s break the barriers of age! - 11:00-13:00 (Mexico City Time) 17.00-19.00 (GMT) (Virtual)

Mexico will host an intergenerational game! Everyone is welcome. They will share with people of all ages a virtual game to learn, laugh, and above all, have fun. Join the zoom links below to be a part of the event (in Spanish). 

¡Únete a nuestro juego intergeneracional!¡Todas las personas son bienvenidas! A partir de un juego virtual sobre cultura general vamos a compartir con personas de todas las edades, para aprender, reír y sobre todo, divertirnos

Enlace del Evento: Hora: 29 abr. 2023 11:00 a. m. Ciudad de México

For more detail contact the leads at the bottom of the page.

Sunday 1st of May 

  • ¡Gracias!- Thank you! (Virtual)

It’s time to say goodbye! With a short video, Córimaz thanks you for your participation in this event. We hope you have enjoyed these days as much as we have.


The country lead from México is CórimAZ, Lazos que Unen. CórimAZ was born from the experience and collaborative work of different institutions -UIA (Ibero-American University), FBH (Bringas HagenBeck Foundation), AI (Alive Inside)- and professionals who, inspired by the documentary "Alive Inside" and in collaboration with the organization bearing the same name, have improved the quality of life of hundreds of elders in different conditions.

Based on clinical, artistic and community treatment principles, CórimAZ uses music, life stories and intergenerational experiences to improve the quality of life of elders with and without dementia and the mutual enrichment of generations.

By being country lead and thus part in the Global Intergenerational Week campaign Córimaz seeks to promote consciousness about the importance of Intergenerational work in México and Latin-American.

Visit their website to learn more. 

Lead Contacts: Bernadette Gonzalez Orta and Constanza Araujo Nagore