Highlights 2022

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Also, check out the following link where you can access all of the online coversations, talks and webinars we held throughout the week! Vimeo showcase.

Below is a breakdown of just some of the fantastic events that took place during Global IG Week, 2022. 

Monday 25 April

  • Funding Forum: Alison Clyde (GWT CEO) and Vicki Titterington (LGNI Director) were joined by Chelsea Mason, Director of External Relations at The Eisner Foundation in Los Angeles, who discussed their foundation’s journey to becoming the only U.S. foundation exclusively supporting intergenerational programming, and how other funders can maximize their impact by considering intergenerational efforts in their own work. 
  • Altra App: In Ireland we were introduced to the Altra app – an app that allows you to maintain close relationships with elderly people in care homes, when you cannot physically be there. This was particularly appropriate during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 
  • Welsh Photo Competition: The Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR) in collaboration with academics, researchers and third-sector leads, ran a photo competition, in which the best photos of intergenerational practice from across Wales were be selected for display at the Welsh Senedd in November. The pictures will be judged by the Older People’s Commissioner, Future Generations Commissioner and Children’s Commissioner.

Tuesday 26 April

  • Northern Ireland Food Event: On Tuesday we were invited to bring our lunch along to an amazing webinar which showcased several inspiring stories of intergenerational growing, cooking, and eating activities as part of the Food for Life Get Togethers Project.
  • El Proyecto Harmonia: Our Spanish leads, the Macrosad Chair in Intergenerational Studies at the University of Granada, introduced us to ‘Proyecto Harmonía’, a project that generates intergenerational support networks and friendships through phone calls.
  • Intergenerational Training: In Scotland, Generations Working Together offered training to practitioners on how best to deliver intergenerational projects. 

Wednesday 27 April

  • AIIP Symposium: On Wednesday we saw the Australian Institute for Intergenerational Practice host the 2022 Intergenerational Symposium at Neuroscience Research Australia in Sydney concurrent with COHORT in Gold Coast, QLD, and online. The symposium was a great opportunity to hear about the most recent developments in the field, build connections and share knowledge.
  • CBC Radio: In Canada we saw LINKages staff speaking about Intergenerational relationships on a CBC radio talk show, which was fantastic to see. THey also invited someone on to talk about how Intergenerational work had changed their life, which was heartwarming to hear about. 
  • Centre for Ageing and Generations: In Enland, we saw the introduction of a new centre by hearing from CRAG's Co-Directors: Dr Helen Kingstone, Dr Jo Blanden, Dr Vicki Harman and Prof Andrew King. This was followed by presentations from: Arunima Himawan (International Longevity Centre UK) on the topic of ageing, generations and policy, and Kathleen Henehan (Resolution Foundation) on the topic of income and wealth inequalities within/between generations.

Thursday 28 April

  • Scottish Parliamentary Debate: In Scottish parliament, to celebrate Global IG Week, we saw a debate held on the topic of intergenerational practice, in which several MSPs (Members of Scottish Parliament) spoke about their experiences of IG work and the amazing benefits they believe that it can have. 
  • Swedish IG Spaces: Generation Marianne hosted an event (both physical and virtual) on intergenerational practice, explaining its history and what it is, how we can build shared sites and what the benefits are. Emphasis was placed on ensuring that sites are built with intergenerational thinking in mind from the very beginning, rather than as a last thought. 
  • Welsh Skills and Repair Cafes: This amazing event allowed us to learn from various enterprises across Wales that are doing Intergenerational work within communities with repair cafes. The webinar consisted of three presentations about sharing skills between the generations and their projects. 

Friday 29 April

  • Canadian IG Display Table: Our Canadian leads, 'LINKAges' set up a display table at Safeway Garrison Woods, Calgary, Alberta to showcase intergenerational practice in the area and its benefits.
  • Intergenerational Creativity in Ireland: Here we learned about a new Erasmus Intergenerational Learning Project in collaboration with partners from Slovenia, Finland, Italy, and Spain. This project aims to provide a social prescription approach to promote creativity, engagement, and well-being. This is through intergenerational engagement which promotes the use of drama, story-telling and other creative educational activities in partnership with older and younger people together across Europe.
  • WRAD Mexico: In Mexico we saw a fantastic WRAD (World Rocks Against Dementia) concert, in which several artists of all musical genres, performed to groups young and old, to establish intergenerational connection and mutual interest.

Saturday 30 April

  • Irish IG Paint Event: In Ireland, to celebrate Saturday’s theme, a draw along was hosted, in which elderly people could attend with younger family members or friends and enjoy time together painting a wall in Sandymount Strand.
  • Play and Storytelling Toolkit: Generations Working Together in Scotland developed a 'Play and Storytelling Toolkit' that can be utilised by intergenerational practitioners, care homes, schools or even just familes, to help build intergenerational relationships through reading, writing and storytelling. 
  • Mexico IG Games: Our Mexican leads held an event to showcase Intergenerational games. A range of fun games were arranged both online, bringing people of all ages together to enjoy time and learn from one another. 

Sunday 1 May

All countries held events to thank everyone for their support and to draw the week to a close. 

Catch up on the launch event below from the 2nd February 2022:

You can also access the presentation given on the day.

Global Intergenerational Week 2022 from Alison Clyde