Board of Trustees

Graham Hewitson

Emma Mitchell

Ewan Fisher, TUD SUD UK, Glasgow and Jude Currie
Co Vice Chairs


Anne Callaghan
Gino Satti (retiring 16th November 2022)
Liz Forbat, University of Stirling
George Bellamy
Carleen Smith
Shahida Zafar
Joanne Sefton
Wanda MacKay

Our team of 12 trustees, eight staff and army of volunteers are all committed to helping develop intergenerational work across Scotland connecting people of different generations specifically young and older people. 

The comments below are shared by our Board members

“Volunteering with GWT this past year has let me see the value of intergenerational practice in many arenas of life. It has given me greater insight into the passionate practice out there and also the resource and specialism required to support it to be done in ever more meaningful and measurable ways. I have loved the opportunity so far of being part of a Board with such great diversity of age and experience.”

“My experience volunteering as a Trustee for GWT over the past two plus years has been both rewarding personally and beneficial professionally. Exposure to the Governance and Compliance aspects of Trusteeship has been useful supporting my role as a senior manager within a private sector business, while the opportunity to present to workshops and conferences has been invaluable experience of public speaking. Additionally, working alongside the other Trustees and GWT staff who have a wealth of diverse and in-depth experience has been extremely useful from a professional development perspective. From a personal perspective, being able to give my time to support a cause which is increasingly important to society overall and impacts on the lives of everyone I know is rewarding and well worth the investment in time.”